The Perfect (and affordable!) Swimsuits for your Body!

Hey guys! It’s Aspen, and today I wanted to make a post about swimsuits, the best for your body and how to feel your best, all at an affordable price for any budget. I want to start off by saying that no matter your body type or whatever people think, you CAN wear whatever swimsuit you want, no matter the color or cut:) Also, these are just my recommendations for what I think would look great on different body types, and I  have no education or training in how to style people, and again, if you like something, you can wear it, no matter what anyone says.

If you are tall like me, I recommend a one-piece swimsuit because with or without cut-outs, you will look amazing and it will break up your long frame. If you are feeling confident, go for a swimsuit with cut-outs, as they will break up your gorgeous frame even more.

The one-piece that I recommend is: Beaded Fringed Monokini by Forever 21, $22.80

Forever 21

If you are lacking a little in the chest area, the fringe will give the appearance of a larger chest as well:)

If you have a big booty but slightly smaller on top, I think that a bikini without string ties would be the most flattering. The straps around your hips will help support your derriere and cover any skin that you don’t want to show.

The bikini that I recommend is:  Darling Daisy Ruched Bikini Bottom and 
Darling Daisy Bandeau from Forever 21, each costing $10.80

Forever 21

As an extra bonus, this swimsuit will also look great on any skin tone as well, because it is simply black and white.

For girls with an equally voluptuous bust and butt, a 70’s style bikini will suit you the best.  The high-waisted bottoms and halter straps on the top will keep the girls and the booty supported and covered.

The bikini I recommend is: ASOS CURVE Bright Floral High Waisted Bikini Pant from ASOS, on sale for $18.10, normally $30.49.

ASOS Curve

The corresponding top could not be found, but any padded cup with halter top would go with these bottoms.

If you have wide shoulders and long and slender legs, a tankini would look best on your body, at least in my opinion. The bikini-style bottoms will highlight your beautiful legs, and the one-piece style top will draw attention away from your top.

The tankini I recommend is: Bandeau Tankini Top from Victoria Secret, currently on sale for $46.50, normally $62.50.

Victoria’s Secret

The corresponding bottoms: Hipster Bottom by Victoria Secret, currently $21, normally costing $28.50.

The Tankini Top and Bottoms come in coral, aqua, and black, flattering any skin tone.

For women with a large bust and endless legs, any string bikini will look great on you. A print on the bottoms will distract from your large bust and elongate your great legs, and a triangle top will keep your boobs supported while flattering them as well.

The bikini bottoms that I recommend are these from H&M, $17.95


Here is the corresponding bikini top from H&M, also $17.95


The lace and charms on this set make it detailed and absolutely adorable:)

If you have a small bust, straight waist, and long and slender legs, a suit that will give you the illusion of curves will be best for you. I recommend a one-piece with cut-outs in the waist because they will give the illusion of a curvy waist and the cut will make your legs look endless.

The swimsuit that I recommend is: Flounce One Piece from Victoria’s Secret, currently on sale for $36.50, normally $48.50.

Victoria’s Secret

The flounce on the top will give the illusion of a bigger bust, while the cut-outs in the midsection will give the illusion of a waistline. The color will also highlight a golden tan, also coming in floral, aqua, and black.

Women with a “vase” body type (defined waist, large bust and butt with slim legs), are blessed; They can pull off any style of swimsuit because their shape is considered “sexy” by the general public. Celebrities with this body type include Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet. Because they can look great in any style of swimsuit, I chose my favorite bikini to feature for this specific body type.

Here is my favorite bikini: Winnie Bikini by Triangl, $89 for set, available in Miami Mint and Arizona Sunset.


I understand that this bikini is on the expensive side of things, but the thick, neoprene material and quality are amazing, making the bikini worth the cost, especially if you spend your summers out at the beach or pool.

If you have a slim upper body with wide hips, thighs and calves, I feel as though you would look the greatest in a twist-top bikini with shirred bottoms to make your legs look slightly slimmer and toned.

The bikini that I recommend is: Front Twist Bandeau from Forever 21 with adjustable straps, $10.80

Forever 21

The corresponding bottoms: Side Shirred Bikini Bottom from Forever 21, $9.80

If you consider yourself petite (short, small arms and legs, small bust and butt and a straight waist), swimsuit #6 would suit you beautifully, because it will elongate your legs, show off you waist, and give you the illusion of a larger bust.

The swimsuit that I recommend is: Flounce One Piece from Victoria’s Secret, currently one sale for $36.50, normally costing $48.50.

Victoria’s Secret

Again, I am not saying that you have to wear exactly the style of swimsuit that I mentioned in this post, these are just my opinions on what I think would look great on different body types. Wear whatever you feel happy and confident in, regardless of what I said in this post. If you feel happy and confident, you will feel great and it will show:)

Let me know what you are most excited for this summer!

Have a lovely night, Aspen:)

Disclaimer: I am not associated with the artists, companies or models that I used in this post. I do not own the rights to the pictures and music used, all rights to their rightful owners. I am not associated with youtube or channels mentioned in this post. This post is not sponsored.

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