My 2014 Bucketlist

Hey guys! It’s Aspen, and one of the things that I believe in is setting goals because the level of joy and excitement you feel once you reach them can be euphoric.

For the past few months, I have been compiling a bucket list that I want to complete while I’m still young, because honestly, none of us knows when our last day will be. As with many other blogger’s bucket lists, mine is built off of the desire to travel, eat well, have a pet, and just live a happier life in general:)

This list is by no means complete, because a bucket list is something that I believe will never be finished.

Without further ado, here is my (current) 2014 bucket list:

1. Go to New York City or Paris, and stay in a hotel room with a full-length window, preferably with a view of the city.


I don’t know where this picture was taken or what city this is of, but an image like this symbolizes endless dreams and possibilities, which is a very freeing concept.

2. Alongside wanting a full-length hotel window with an amazing view, I just want to travel, especially to the tropical regions of the world and the big cities of Europe, places like these:

        tumblr_m9kmerClEI1ql2pkjo1_500                          tumblr_mc7qteOLVz1r4ueyro1_500

In part, I think that my desire to travel and explore the far corners of the globe comes from the fact that I’ve grown up and lived in the same place my whole life. It’s kind of like I know where I’m from, but I want to explore what else is out there in the world. Leave a comment down below if you understand what I mean:)

3. I feel as though a bucket list would not be fully complete if I said that I didn’t want a dog in the future, because that would just be a blatant lie. Dogs just have such a positive energy about them which can enhance anyone’s life.

Here are the kind that I like:




You would be lying to yourself if these dogs did not make you feel at least a little bit of joy and happiness:)

Leave a comment down below telling me what is on your bucket list!

Have a beautiful night, Aspen:)

Disclaimer: All of these pictures are from tumblr, and I do not own any of the rights to them. I’m not affiliated with tumblr or spotify. This post is not sponsored.

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