Things I’ve Learned This Past Year

Hey guys! It’s Aspen, and today I want to talk about the things that I’ve learned about life and myself in this past year. Today was my last day of high school, which can be a difficult time for any person to live though at some point or another.

Without further ado, here are the things that I’ve learned this past year:

1. People don’t care whether you wear makeup or not.


I’ve come to realize that people begin to care more about who are you and the type of person that you are over how you look, at least in some cases. This sounds superficial, but if you’ve grown up in America where everyone is judgmental of something or another, especially when you are female, you would understand how important an appearance is.

2. Keep up with you work, because you are screwed if you don’t.

download (1)

This one’s obvious, but I’ve never noticed how bad it is if you don’t do your homework every night, especially during your high school years. When you are in an AP or Honors course, this point is even more emphasized.

3. Don’t care about people who make you look down upon yourself.


If someone talks to you and makes you feel bad or insecure about yourself, ignore them and expel them from your life. If they put effort into making you feel down, realize how sad that is and move on with you life! This is easier said than done, but it is something worth doing, because seriously, who wants to be judged everyday.

I hope this post helped you in someway or another, and leave a comment down below telling if you are still in school, college, uni, or done with it all!

Have a beautiful summer, Aspen:)

Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and opinions. These are not my pictures, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I’m not affiliated with Spotify.This post is not sponsored.

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