My Top 5 Lush Products

Hey guys! It’s Aspen, and today I would like to share with you all my top 5 lush products of all time.

When I first began to shop at Lush and experience its magnificence, I was extremely overwhelmed with the seemingly hundreds of products, which all claimed to smooth and scent my body in some way or another. This sense of wanting to try everything but not knowing what anything did had kept me clear of the store for a while, but once I began exploring the website and asking questions in the store, you will come to understand everyone’s obsessions with the store, their people, and their products.

Without further ado, here are my top 5 Lush products:

1. Sakura Bath Bomb, $6.45

Sakura Bath Bomb

As it says in the description, this bath bomb (or ballistic as the British call it haha) has a fragrance combination of florals mixed with the sea. This combination is in thanks to the all-natural ingredients such as orange flower, gardenia, and jasmine extracts, as well with fine sea salt.

Lush claims that their inspiration for this bath bomb came from one of their product inventors, Noriko, who hails from Japan. The scent of this bath bomb was designed to replicate the atmosphere of walking through a park in Japan, when the trees are blossoming and producing relaxing and beautiful aromas.

In general, a bath bomb is a sphere that you place into a bathtub, either when full or is filling up with warm water. From there, the bomb will “fizz out” into the water, producing either bubbles, scent, a certain “milky” texture to the water, a color, or a combination of the four. Just so you know, Lush is known for creating aromatic, glittery, and just plain beautiful bath bombs and products in general.

 2. Sultana of Soap, $6.40

Sultana of Soap
Sultana of Soap

When someone first thinks of Lush, more times than not, their mind will rush to the idea of endless chunks of fragrant soap, and in a way, they are right. The first time that I walked into my (not-so-local) Lush store, I saw cheese wheels of soap, and my dad actually mistook the wheels for actual cheese when we first passed by a shop in Vancouver, BC.

If you are a first time soap-chooser at Lush, I recommend Sultana of Soap because it has a creamy texture which will thoroughly moisturize the driest of skin types, especially during the harsh winter months. Also, because of it’s creamy nature, I will also use this soap in lieu of shaving cream, because it works just as well and moisturizes my legs at the same time. As for the scent, it encompasses fruity notes of apricot, orange, currants, and bergamot (don’t ask me what that is hehe).

I’m going to assume that most of you know how to use soap, but just in case you don’t or have never used bar soap, here is what I do; Firstly, wet a loofah and your chosen bar of soap, and rub the two together to produce a lather. Then use as you would regularly do so, and enjoy!

3.  Ocean Salt, $21.95-$35.95

Ocean Salt
Ocean Salt

This product sounds exactly what it (might) sound like. Ocean Salt is an all-over body exfoliator that uses sea salt, seaweed, coconut, and avocado oils to leave your skin soft and smooth. Alongside that, the combination of lime and vodka in this scrub will cleanse your pores, nearly eliminating the chance of blackheads, large pores, and blemishes to even occur!

Although this scrub is described as suitable for all skin types, from oily to combination skin, it is recommended to only use occasionally on especially dry skin. In order for this scrub to be as exfoliating as possible, Lush has mixed fine sea salt with its cousin, coarse sea salt, in order to make your skin as naturally soft and blemish-free as possible. Because it has harsh salt crystals as well as lime, this scrub is not necessarily recommended for people with sensitive skin, because it can cause burning and other unpleasant sensations.

In order to make the most out of this product, I’d advise you to use this product before shaving to make your skin smoother than if you were to just shave. You can also use this product all over your body, including your face. Because facial skin will usually more sensitive than the rest of your body, I would not find it beneficial to exfoliate your face with this stuff on a daily basis, as it could cause more harm than good.

4. Godiva Shampoo Bar, $11.95

Godiva Shampoo Bar
Godiva Shampoo Bar

This specific Lush shampoo bar contains a combination of cleansing and conditioning properties, making it a perfect one-step product to use if you are in a rush or just plain lazy:) A shampoo bar performs the same act on your hair as a liquid shampoo does, although a shampoo bar is easier to travel with, as it is airline-approved and there is no risk of a bottle bursting in your luggage.

The combination of cocoa and Shea butters with jasmine and gardenia extracts produces the heavenly scent and moisturizing effect on your hair. The cleansing aspect of the bar will leave your hair completely clean, while the conditioning properties will make your hair soft, fabulous, and manageable, all in one simple step.

Because liquid shampoo is more common than its solid friend, not many people will know how to properly use a shampoo bar. To begin, wet your hair as normal, and also get the bar all sudsy and soapy. Next, to actually apply the shampoo, you can either rub the bar directly onto your hair and massage it into your scalp to produce a lather, or you can also rub the bar in your hands to produce a lather and then go into your hair. This bar would be good to use on a daily basis because while it is cleansing, it is also conditioning, making it o.k. to use on your locks everyday.

5. Hottie Massage Bar, $9.95

Hottie Massage Bar
Hottie Massage Bar

Massage bars are designed to make your skin soft & supple while also providing relief to sore and tired muscles. While all of Lush’s massage bars provide soft moisture to the skin, I choose to feature the Hottie massage bar because it will also alleviate sore muscles with its solid bumps of pure moisturizing oils and butters.

The use of vanilla absolute for scent and a mixture of jojoba and coconut oils with Shea butter will produce a sense of relaxation and bliss when you use this bar after a long day and have a desire for a good night’s sleep. The properties of this bar will leave your skin perfectly saturated with moisturizing butters and oils, as well as seriously relaxed muscles and pampered skin.

To use this bar, it is best to start off with dry skin. Rub the bar over any tired bits to allow sore muscles to “loosen up” and your mind to unwind. With that, this bar is also suitable for any skin type and will not leave a visible residue either, although it will have a slightly creamy touch to the skin.

Have a beautiful night, Aspen:)

Disclaimer: The pictures used in this post are not mine, and all rights belong to their rightful owners. I am not affiliated with Spotify or Lush in any way, and this post is not sponsored.

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