Mud & Sludge – The Best Masks for your Skin Type!

Hi everyone! I’m Aspen, and today I’m here to show you what the best masks are for your skin type!

Basically, skin is annoying. There are some mornings where I’ll wake up and a random, red, unsightly, pimple will have popped up out of nowhere. Although skin is affected from the inside out, via hormones, it is completely necessary to keep your skin clean and moisturized. I believe that clean skin breaks out less often than dirty skin, regardless of hormones. To do this, I cleanse my face twice a day, apply a toner and moisturize, as well as a weekly skin treatment, such as a mask.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I flip through a magazine and see products for different skin types, I always end up with the most expensive item that can only be bought at Nordstrom. Because of that, I’ve done my best to keep the costs of these products at $25 or less, so that you can avoid that situation without even trying.

Collectively, my friends and I have the four basic skin types – dry, oily, normal, combination –  and these are the products that work for us. I personally have oily/combination skin, and the mask mentioned here is what I use on a weekly basis. I think skin care is worth investing in because it keeps the cost of acne-covering makeup down.

Without further ado, here are the 5 masks that I recommend for different skin types!


Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask by The Body Shop

Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask by The Body Shop, $22 for 3.38 oz.

Rough and flaky dry skin can overproduce oils because of a lack of moisture, leading to acne and dry skin. To keep skin hydrated and clear, a product with moisturizing agents, such as vitamin E, allows skin to heal and repair itself. If you’re too worn out to wash off a mask after a long day, don’t worry! About 10 minutes after application, you have the choice to either blot off excess product or gently blend it into your face, making it ideal for night-time. Masks with vitamin E, such as this one by The Body Shop, are known to be very hydrating and perfect for parched skin.


Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask by Origins

Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask by Origins, $25 for 100 ml

Excessively oily skin is prone to pimples and shine, because of an overproduction of oils. To cleanse pores and draw out dirt, a mask that incorporates charcoal, an element that is clinically proven to draw out impurities, is your best bet. All skin types need natural oils to remain healthy, but it only becomes problematic when there are too many oils. Drawing out unwanted dirt from your pores will help to clear up any active acne, and prevent future breakouts as well. The charcoal in this treatment will take the bad stuff out, and put the good stuff in.


bb seaweed
BB Seaweed fresh face mask by Lush

BB Seaweed fresh face mask by Lush, $6.95 for 2.1 oz.

“Normal” skin does not suffer from acneic breakouts, has no excess of oils, and is rarely dry. Basically, people with so-called “normal” skin are lucky because they have small pores and smooth skin, meaning that they can get away with a little foundation and not much else. Because this skin type doesn’t have any specific needs, the best kind of mask would be one that cleanses effectively and moisturizes lightly. This mineral mask smooths, cleans, and moisturizes, beautifully.


Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask by The Body Shop

Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask by The Body Shop, $22 for 4.2 oz.

People with combination skin have patches where skin is either oily or dry. In most cases, the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is oily, and the rest is noticeably drier. This skin type needs moisture for the dry patches and a clarifying agent for the oilier parts, but something hydrating as well. With these needs, the right mask for you is one that includes either seaweed or minerals, which are both clarifying and refreshing as well. In this mask, the seaweed and clay play perfectly together to create a clean, smooth, surface.

 I hope I’ve helped if you have difficult skin, or if you’re just looking for a new mask to try out! The majority of face masks do come in a sample size that you can get one to two uses out of, depending on how sparingly you use it. This allows you to try out several products, without out having to dedicate yourself to a full-size tub.

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Leave a comment down below telling me what your favorite mask is!

Have a beautiful night,

-Aspen 🙂

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures or music used in this post, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I am not affiliated with any of the brands, companies, artists or bands, mentioned in this post, nor is this post sponsored.

3 thoughts on “Mud & Sludge – The Best Masks for your Skin Type!

  1. I’m all for a nice and detoxifying clay mask! My serum and day cream usually gives my skin enough moisture and my skin is prone to breakouts in some areas. I feel like clay masks give my skin such a deep cleanse and even shrink the size of my pores.

  2. I don’t oily skin, it’s fairly normal but I’m obsessed with face masques and want to try all of these now!! I have the Origins mask and it is a dream. I love how it makes my skin feel after washing it off. I use it about once a week and recommend it highly.

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