Soft & Shiny – Tips + Tricks for healthier, longer hair!

Hey guys! I’m Aspen, and like almost every other girl I know, I want to grow my hair longer and healthier.

Ever since I was young, my hair has been short because of my involvement in gymnastics, and because I was a little bit of a wild one as well – well, as wild as a five year old can get:)

Once I hit about 12, I was allowed to begin to get my hair how I wanted, and had begun the search to find the best products for my hair. I had quit doing gymnastics when I had gotten too sick to continue, which allowed freedom from keeping my mane locked back in a ponytail. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend at the time, so I found my favorite haircare products at the drugstore, to keep my thick, dark, hair healthy.

Without further ado, here are the products that I use to keep my hair strong and healthy!


Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo

 Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Shampoo, $12 for 2, 10.1 oz each

I’ve used all of the Herbal Essences shampoos in the past, and this is by far my favorite! The bright orange scent wakes you up, and the added volume is great for future styling.


Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner

 Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner, $16 for 2, 32 oz each

This is the conditioner that my mother uses on her dry hair, so I thought, why not try it out for myself? To keep your hair soft & moisturized, a conditioner is definitely a must.

Leave-In Conditioner

garnier fructis
Garnier Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream

Garnier Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream, $4, 10.2 oz

After the shower, my hair still feels a little parched. To solve this problem, I comb a leave-in conditioner into wet hair, starting from the ears down and avoiding the roots.


mythic oil
L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, Rich Oil

L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, Rich Oil, $17, 4.2 oz

For a bit of sleekness and shine after blow-drying, I take a pump of this oil and run it through the shafts of my hair, avoiding the roots.

Heat Protectant

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, $6, 8 oz.

To avoid heat damage, which may stunt hair growth, I like to spray in a heat protectant before styling. Everyone and their mother has heard of this product, and I can honestly say that I’ve gone through several bottles of this stuff.


Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer, $13

Whether I’m distributing through a product or brushing out my hair before bed, I use a tangle teezer because it doesn’t get caught in tough tangles, and the grip fits perfectly in my hand!

Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Styler

Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper Styler, $18

I don’t think there’s anything too special about this dryer, but it gets my hair dry after about five minutes of drying. and it leaves my hair straight and voluminous.


1. Get frequent trims, about every six weeks. Hair can’t grow if there are many split ends, so be sure to see your stylist every now and again.

Hair Salon

2. Keep your hair moisturized. I use a conditioner, leave-in conditioner, oil, and heat protectant to keep the ends from getting dry.

Moisturizing Hair Care

3. Don’t wash your hair everyday. This strips the hair of its natural oils that it needs to grow and be healthy. Use a dry shampoo on non-washing days.

Shampoo & Conditioner

4. Use minimal heat. Heat damages hair, and damaged hair can’t prosper. If you want some no-heat hairstyles in the future, give this post a like!

Conair Hair Dryer

5. Brush your hair every night, focusing on massaging the roots. This will stimulate the roots, causing a rush of blood and quicker hair growth.

Tangle Teezer

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s post, and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow!

Have a beautiful day,

– Aspen:)

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures or music used in this post, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I am not affiliated with any of the brands, companies, artists or bands, mentioned in this post, nor is this post sponsored.

8 thoughts on “Soft & Shiny – Tips + Tricks for healthier, longer hair!

  1. I use the same heat thermal spray! I love it. Their Mousse in the same thermal creations brand is nice as well. Thanks for the post, it’s nice to know what other people use to get their soft, shiny hair.

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