Mini-Lush Giveaway?!?!?! + My Favorite Lush Products!

Hey guys! I’m Aspen, and I’m excited to announce that I will be launching my first mini-giveaway tonight!

My followers are amazing and have gotten my blog to the point it is today, so I thought that the best way to award some of you is with a Lush e-gift card! I know that some of you enjoy Lush and have never have had the chance to try them out, so here’s your opportunity!

How to Enter

1. You have to be following my blog, aspenofmars.

2. Like this post and comment saying what you would buy with the e-gift card. You can also  tweet this giveaway using #aspenlush to gain an extra entry.

3. You have to be at least 18 years old to enter, or have your parents permission to do so. You will not be receiving a physical package, but a Lush e-gift card via email.

4. This contest will end two weeks from today, 9/4/14, on  9/18/14. Remember, the more tweets using #aspenlush and comments you leave on this post will widen your chances of winning. You may not leave the same comment more than once. I’ll be checking if you tweet using #aspenlush, follow my blog, and like this post!


Some Lush Products

I’ll be giving away two, $10 gift cards to two lucky followers! I’ll be using to generate winners. Feel free to leave multiple comments and tweets using #aspenlush to gain extra entries! This giveaway is fully international:)

I will not need your shipping address if you win one of these prizes. I will comment on your blog if you won a gift card, requesting an email address so that I can send you the Lush e-gift card code. This giveaway is completely free to enter & win.

My Favorite Lush Products

If you need an idea for what to get with your gift card, here are a few of my favorite Lush products!

Sakura Bath Bomb, Lush Cosmetics

1. Sakura Bath Bomb, $6.45

For something fun when it comes to bath-time, I recommend a bath bomb. Lush has several varieties of this product, depending on which country you’re ordering from. This is my favorite bath bomb because it smells lovely like flowers and produces calming colors.

Godiva Solid Shampoo, Lush Cosmetics

2. Godiva Solid Shampoo, $11.95

Since I am an athlete and exercise for 1-2 hours a day, I need a shampoo that cleanses and moisturizes my hair daily, without drying out my strands completely. My favorite scent family is floral, and the jasmine aroma produced by this travel-safe bar makes me happy:)

Mint Julips Lip Scrub, Lush Cosmetics

3. Mint Julips Lip Scrub, $9.95

Nobody likes dry & flaky lips, and nobody likes kissing them either. To keep my lips soft & supple, I like to rub this scrub into my lips before applying lipstick or lip balm for a lovely feeling and smooth lips.

I hope you are all excited to enter this giveaway, and don’t forget to congratulate the winners when they are announced in a future post on September 18th, 2014!

I hope you have an amazing day today xoxo

– Aspen:)

Disclaimer: I’ve paid for these prizes with my own money, and this post is not sponsored. I do not own the rights to the pictures or music used in this post, and all rights go to their rightful owners. Have a lovely day xoxo

19 thoughts on “Mini-Lush Giveaway?!?!?! + My Favorite Lush Products!

  1. I’ve never tried the solid shampoos but I would definitely try one of them. It’s so difficult to choose with lush! I want it all!!! :p congrats on doing so well aspen. Best of luck for the future ❤ xxx

  2. I would buy the larger size of the charity pot lotion! It’s pretty amazing. The SA said the small pot was a ‘tease’ and she was right!

  3. I LOVE the Mint Julips Lip Scrub. I use it almost every night. Another fave of mine is their Ocean Salt face scrub. I’ve always wanted to try their body lotions too 🙂

  4. My absolute favorite Lush item would have to be Dark Angels cleanser, that is the only thing that keeps my skin clear nowadays. You can never go wrong with their bathbombs, and I’ve been really curious about their I Love Juicy shampoo.

  5. LUSH is one of my favorite stores ever! i actually have a lunch date with my friend next week and we’re stopping at LUSH while we’re out! my all time favorite product from them is Ocean Salt! i’m literally scraping the bottom of my jar right now. it is seriously so amazing and such a great exfoliant! i also love the lip scrubs too. i have the pink one. i forget which flavor! it’s so yummy! oh, and their 9-5cleanser is just amazing at getting off my eye makeup! i definitely recommend it if you have trouble getting off eyeliner. so all in all, i would probably refill on some products i’m getting low on, and pick up some new bath bombs and bath bars if i won this giveaway! xo

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