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Hi everyone! I’m Aspen, and today I felt the creative bone to create my own tag!

I’m fascinated by travel. There are some many places in the world that I would love to visit (or possibly live?!?!?!), and so many things that I would like to see and food that I want in my belly. But when you think about it, traveling is kind of expensive. You have to pay to actually get to the place, a place to stay, food to eat, and heaven forbid you actually want to sight-see or go shopping.

My friends and I all have different opinions on what our perfect vacation would be, ranging from adventuring through the Amazon to sunbathing in the Canary Islands. The five of us are an incalculably small percentage of those who go on vacation every other year or the like, so I thought that it might be interesting to get some other opinions on what someone’s ideal break would be.

My best friend and I are both from ‘so-called rainy’ Seattle, and I love the rain. I’d rather go on an adventure, rather than she who hates rain and would love to swim in crystal-clear water.

Without further ado, here is my first ‘self-created’ tag! Feel free to leave your answers in a comment down below or make a post!

 I’d love to see it:)


Zurich, Switzerland

1. If you could hop on a plane to anywhere, right now, where you would you go?

I would fly to Zurich, Switzerland, because that’s where my family’s origins are. My grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles, the whole bunch, lives in the surrounding suburbs of the city. Also, because Switzerland is in the middle of Europe, trains are easy to catch, taking you anywhere from Portugal to Russia and everywhere in between.

Strawberry field in California

2. Do you have a scent that takes you back to a memorable vacation?

A while back, I had gotten the Strawberry eau de toilette by The Body Shop, and it always reminds me of California. I remember many road-trips with my family going through Oregon down to the Santa Monica pier, and passing the endless fields of produce along the way. It reminds me of feeling free in an enchanting method.

St. Pancras Station in London, England

3. If you had the choice, would you rather drive, fly, or take a train?

If I had the opportunity, I would take the train any day. I love being able to see the scenery and not having to worry about focusing on the road ahead. I just have the best memories of taking the train throughout Switzerland with my mom and grandmother.

Seattle skyline

4. Have you lived in the same city all your life, or have you moved frequently throughout growing up?

I’ve always lived in the northern, Greater Seattle Area. I’ve moved from a house to an apartment when I was 14, but I stayed within the same city:)


5. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?

Yes. We broke up after being together for a year, and a month after he moved away. I hope I didn’t scare him away!

A cow:)

6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done whilst on vacation?

I ate raw, ground beef at a buffet in Zurich. I forgot what it’s called now, but it was raw, seasoned ground beef on a slice of toast. It seemed normal there, but I would have been taken directly to the hospital if I ate it in America.

An airplane

7. Do you get jet-lagged after a long flight?

Nope. I’ve always been quick to adjust to the current time-zone, ever since I was a wee-one.

London skyline

8. Dream vacation?

London. I think I’ve already said that about 20 times in my blog lol.

Canadian flag

9. Worst vacation?

There isn’t one that particularly stands out to me, but there was a time up in Canada when there was a group of bears outside the female washroom on our campground…

Europe at night

10. Would you ever go on vacation to somewhere you’ve already been?

Probably not, to be honest. There are so many places to see and so little time. Also, if I’ve made amazing memories somewhere, I’m not sure if I’d like to go back there again.

Feel free to answer these questions for yourself, but there are a few lovelies who I would like to specifically tag!

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Julie, makeupbyjulieblog

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading tonight’s post!

Don’t forget to like, comment, and follow, and I love you all lots xoxo:)


Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures or music used in this post, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I am not affiliated with any of the brands, companies, artists or bands, mentioned in this post, nor is this post sponsored.

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