Autumnal Clothing Haul – Forever 21!

I’ve been using the word autumnal quite a bit lately…. Hmmmm.

Forever 21 is like tumblr; an endless pit where everything’s affordable. My inspiration for this purchase was the weather, because it has been raining a solid 15 hours per day at the moment.  I needed new sweaters because I’ve grown out of mine, and it’s cold outside. This was a late-night order, mid-afternoon regret.

Without further ado, here is my most recent Forever 21 order!


Men’s Slouchy Crew Neck Sweater, Forever 21

1. Men’s Slouchy Crew Neck Sweater in Emerald, $14

Men’s sweaters just look comfier than women’s articles because they aren’t as tailored as the latter.  I can see myself pairing this top with black skinny jeans, riding boots and an infinity scarf. I got this sweater in a size down than usual, as it is designed for men and not women, and I’m praying that it fits!

Favorite Open-Knit Sweater, Forever 21

2. Favorite Open-Knit Sweater in Taupe, $15.80

My favorite color family regardless of the season is neutrals, and sweaters are my favorite piece of clothing. I tend to wear leggings or skinny jeans with boots during the fall, which were practically made for loose sweaters. During a typical, cold & rainy morning in Seattle, you can absolutely, never have too many sweaters. On a lazy day, I’ll end up wearing my hair in a messy top knot and a rain coat, because let’s get real here – It’s going to rain 90% of the time from now to April.

Eyelash Knit Ball Sweater, Forever 21

3. Eyelash Knit Ball Sweater in Peach, $24.80

Another neutral sweater, but this one’s fluffy! Comfort comes before anything else when it comes to fashion, and is well appreciated when getting dressed. This sweater feels like a hug, looking polished enough to wear to town or school, ugh. I’m cheap, and wouldn’t pay $25 for a single sweater, but I had a coupon code for 30% off an entire purchase plus free shipping (wee!), which was what had justified this purchase.


Lace Paneled Cami, Forever 21

1. Lace Paneled Cami in Black, $10.80

When paired underneath a knit cardigan, this piece will work during both the fall and spring. I haven’t tried any of this stuff on as this was an online order, so I’m praying that the lace edging will flatter my body type. I am rather large-chested, so I’m hoping that nothing will be popping out on top. It’s a beautiful item, regardless:)


Solid Knit Leggings, Forever 21

1. Two pairs of black, solid knit leggings, $3.80 each

If I could, I would wear plain, black leggings every single day. They work with everything whilst being comfortable, being able to be dressed either up or down. Leggings are a dream to run in, and every once in a while they wear a bit too thin to go out in public. Getting a few new pairs of leggings every season is a regular thing for me, because of how often I will wear them.

Classic Solid Skinny Jeans, Forever 21

2. Classic Solid Skinny Jeans in Black, $7.90

Plain, black jeans go with everything, and are made of a thicker material than leggings. Since I’m still in school, jeans come in handy because they can go with any outfit combination, and since I am on a student budget, I can’t necessarily splurge on a more ornate pair of pants.  A nice-fitting basic piece of clothing is essential, because they do work with absolutely everything.


City-Chic Wedge Boots, Forever 21

1.City-Chic Wedge Boots in Light Brown, $32.80

I don’t get excited over shoes, although I do enjoy getting a new pair every once in a while to put on my feet. Cute, tall boots have come back in style, so I’ve picked up a pair for myself! I’ve always preferred brown over black when it comes to shoes, because brown accessories don’t appear quite as harsh as their darker counterparts.


Angular Rhinestone Necklace, Forever 21

1. Angular Rhinestone Necklace in Silver, $3.90

Same with shoes, I don’t get excited over jewelry. I want to start getting into wearing necklaces and bracelets, and since Forever 21’s jewelry is inexpensive, it was the perfect place to begin. Silver goes with every outfit, although this necklace does come in gold if anyone’s interested, as well. The angular shape suits my personality better than a rounded piece, if that makes any sense.  I can see myself wearing this with the previously mentioned sweaters.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Necklace, Forever 21

2. Breast Cancer Ribbon Necklace in Gold, $3.80

In America, October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and I want to show my support this year. I’ve known people who have come down with the disease and have luckily survived, although many people don’t live through it. At the moment, for every item tagged with the Breast Cancer ribbon, Forever 21 will donate $1 to the Keep A Breast Foundation, a foundation that works to educate women & prevent Breast Cancer! A cute, versatile necklace paired with a small donation is perfect when you already like the design of the jewelry.

Random Stuff

Floral Canvas Backpack, Forever 21

1. Floral Canvas Backpack, $19.80

Sadly, my Urban Planet, faux leather backpack has fallen apart at the seams and is basically dead. After reading the two reviews on this product mentioning how well this bag was made, I had decided to purchase it anyways. It’s cute, and I hope it holds up until the end of the school year, or at least until Christmas…..

I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s haul, and leave me a like if you want to see a Fall Morning Routine, next!

Love you lots xoxo


Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures or music used in this post, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I am not affiliated with any of the brands, companies, artists or bands, mentioned in this post, nor is this post sponsored.

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