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I don’t know how it happened, but September has come to a close.

With the beginning of every month, a new flood of “monthly favorite” posts arise. Initially, the focus of my blog was on beauty, although my website is now centered on fashion, travel, and music. I haven’t tried many new beauty products this past month but have rather discovered new music and foods that I have come to love.

Without further ado, here are the beauty products, clothes, music and food that I’ve been loving for this past month!


rimmel wake me up
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Rimmel London

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Soft Beige, $13

Iridescent shimmers and opaque color come together to form this brightening foundation. Although this product features fantastic coverage, I would not recommend this cover-up for oily skin – the brightening effect of the color may cause you to look oily and sweaty under sunlight. For everyone else, this foundation may be the perfect match for you, combining a great product and low cost into a marvelous find.

Wet & Wild Eyebrow Pencil, Wet & Wild Cosmetics

2. Wet & Wild Eyebrow Pencil in Mink Brown, $2

I have never filled in my eyebrows before last September, mainly because I didn’t know which shade of brown to select. After a bit of online research, I had chosen this Wet & Wild pencil because it was only 99 cents, making it easy to pick up several colors and see which one suited me best. Regardless of it’s price, this pencil has a slightly waxy touch, keeping the color and hairs where you want them, all day long.

Benetint by Benefit, Benefit Cosmetics

3. Benetint by Benefit, $30

This stain has been a constant in my daily routine for the past year, because of its versatility. The blood-colored liquid blends out into a rosy blush on the cheeks, and a “your lips but better” shade on your pucker. During a stressful morning before school, quickly dotting and blending this stain onto my lips and cheeks is enough to bring long-lasting color to my face, making it the perfect, time-saving product for an on-the-go kind of look.


sweater 2
Slouchy Crew Neck Sweater in Emerald, Forever 21

1. Slouchy Crew Neck Sweater in Emerald (Men’s), Forever 21, $14

After receiving this sweater a few weeks ago via mail, I had discovered the warmest, comfiest piece that I have ever worn. Because it is getting chillier outside, a few new sweaters were a must and Forever 21 has always been my go-to shop. The slouchiness and cuddle-feeling of this knitwear is perfect for class and work, as well as for cuddling at nighttime.

sweater 1
Favorite Open-Knit Sweater in Taupe, Forever 21

2.  Favorite Open-Knit Sweater in Taupe, Forever 21, $15.80

Over the past few weeks, I have come to realize what a versatile piece a taupe sweater can be. Since having this sweater in my possession, I have paired it with a variety of colorful scarves, jeans, leggings, and boots. On the typical Autumn day, I will pair this sweater with a loose, infinity scarf and brown riding boots to stay warm yet cute!

City-Chic Wedge Boots in Light Brown, Forever 21

3. City-Chic Wedge Boots in Light Brown, Forever 21, $32.80

In the past, the only real pair of boots that I’ve had were a pair of Franco Sarto faux-leather ankle boots, and it was about time to grab a new pair for this season. The slight wedge of these boots are enough to give you the confidence of an extra inch or two, and the designer look of the footwear will make it impossible for anyone to guess that they are from Forever 21.


Tortellini Alfredo, Panera Bread

1. Panera Bread

After scoring four perfect 100%’s on tests in my Dental Assisting course, my mother and I had grabbed dinner at our local Panera Bread. My favorite meal is the “you pick two” option, where you can choose two, half-sized items for a low cost, with options ranging from soups, salads, sandwiches, and pastas. Currently, my favorite combo is a side of Tortellini Alfredo and a Chicken Caesar salad.

Cheese Pizza, Papa John’s

2. Papa John’s Pizza

Last Thursday was one of the most stressful days of my life, with three tests to take and another one to study for the next day. Yesterday was filled with anxiety because my school bus had arrived 30 minutes late, making me late for an AP test. I had felt as though I deserved a treat, so I ordered in a cheese pizza from Papa John’s with a few friends after school, having split the cost among ourselves.


Waiting Game by Banks, Goddess

1. Waiting Game by Banks on Goddess

The dark nature and sensuality of Bank’s song, Waiting Game, has drawn me to love her more as an artist and creator. The relaxed tempo and rock beat reminds me a bit of West Coast on Ultraviolence, but differs in the meanings behind the songs. Banks makes her troubled relationship clear and deliberate in message, while Lana expresses her relationships more subtly without saying her thoughts, clear and simple.

Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey, Ultraviolence

2. Ultraviolence by Lana del Rey, the Disciples remix

Ultraviolence is my favorite of Lana’s songs off of Ultraviolence, and what the Disciples have done with it blows my mind. To escape the school bus atmosphere, I listen to this track whilst going between schools because it draws your mind away from the immaturity of 16 year old boys. Music makes me inexplicably happy, and I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading tonight’s post, and don’t forget to like, comment, and follow!

Lots of love xoxo


Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures or music used in this post, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I am not affiliated with any of the brands, companies, artists or bands, mentioned in this post, nor is this post sponsored.

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