Bath & Body Works Collection – Body Lotions

Hello, everyone!

Whilst organizing my makeup the other night, I had come to conclude that I do own quite a bit of body lotions from Bath and Body Works. To be honest, I don’t see the point in getting shower gels and soaps from BBW because you can just get soap that smells just as well from the drugstore for 80% of the cost. I would much rather spend my money on more ‘finishing’ products such as hand lotions and body sprays where I really want the scent to stand out.This is a collection of products that I have either bought for myself as well or have been gifted with, and is in no way intended to be seen as bragging.

With that said, here is my Bath and Body Works body lotion collection!


Winter Candy Apple – For the past several years, Winter Candy Apple has returned to the shelves during the holiday season. Although being slightly sweet, this apple scent smells very fresh and lovely for a brisk autumn afternoon or chilly winter day.

Twilight Woods – For my last birthday, my brother had gifted me this musky lotion as well as the Paris Amour body lotion and several other items from BBW. The scent of Twilight Woods can be described as a mixture of berries, musk, and vanilla, and is basically the female equivalent to a men’s musky cologne.

Paris Amour – Another present from my brother, Paris Amour is a combination of several fruits and berries, musk, vanilla, and sandalwood. After using this lotion several times, I have concluded that Paris Amour is the more feminine version of Twilight Woods, because of its strong berry and peach influences.

Carried Away– Carried Away has been my favorite scent from BBW for the longest stretch of time. I love floral and vanilla scents, and Carried Away’s combination of pear, jasmine, and vanilla fits the bill. A good chunk of my BBW belongings are in this scent, because I just love it so much!

Warm Vanilla Sugar – I believe this is one of BBW’s oldest fragrances and a part of the original signature collection. Warm Vanilla Sugar smells exactly like it sounds – an intoxicating blend of vanilla, sugar, and warm orchid, whatever that means:)

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6 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Collection – Body Lotions

  1. BBW can be kinda overwhelming b/c you can spend so much time just smelling scents lol. I normally stick to body sprays and lotions.

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